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Just Show Me The Photos

Devon always tells me “People just want to see photos!” So here they are, a few photos just from today’s exciting sleeping and bathing events.

Sleeping web Syd-bath-Oct-29-2013 Post Bath comedown web Happy Bather with Mom web

Sydney’s second photo shoot

Posted by: Allan

We had a great time on October 14th when our friend Marsha, who also happens to be a professional photographer, came over to photograph Sydney. We have a bunch of photos from this sitting and at some point will need to figure out which to print and perhaps even hang on our walls! For now, I just wanted to post this collage Marsha included of some of her black and white favorites. Double click on the collage to see it in larger size. Thank you, Marsha!

Sydney Collage by Marsha Oct 14

Sydney’s First Hike

It’s only fitting that Sydney’s first hike was up Mount Sanitas.  Not only did she travel up Mount Sanitas numerous times in her mama’s belly, but also the top of Mount Sanitas is where her dad proposed to her mom.  On October 11, at 9 weeks and 5 days, Sydney enjoyed the ride.


Tiny arm and leg sticking out


She is sound asleep


Daddy is getting very warm


Daddy is trying not to sweat on her


Daddy is dripping sweat all over her carrier, but she doesn’t seem to mind


She made it to the top


Covered up on the way down

A Week of Visitors

Posted by: Allan

It has been a week of visitors.

Our friends Julie and Sander came for a visit on Monday. The two of them are good friends and used to live in our condo building. Julie is the photographer who took the excellent photos of Sydney a month ago. Of course, since Julie is a photographer, we forgot to take out our home camera!

We didn’t make that mistake on Tuesday when Ray, Marsha, and Paul came to visit. Marsha is actually a photographer too and will be coming by soon to take photos. Ray (Marsha’s husband) and Paul are twin brothers, play on my soccer team, and are two of my best friends, always good for a detailed conversation about any subject you choose.

It is fascinating how each visitor interacts with an infant. Below are shots of Marsha in a staring contest with Sydney, who was transfixed, with Paul in the background and a second of Ray soothing Sydney when she started to cry – he was successful!

Today, Sydney’s grandparents on the Metz side arrived for a visit. We appreciate all our visitors taking the time to come meet our new daughter!

Paul Agostinelli, Marsha Steckling, and Sydney in a staring contest web

Ray calming Sydney web

Sydney is Two Months Old!

Two Month Birthday Cake webYesterday, October 4th, was a special day for the Metz Wright family.  We celebrated exactly two months of Sydney’s life!  She brings us so much joy and we continue to gush over every smile, giggle, and coo.  We are so lucky to have a such a happy, healthy little baby.

Sydney and her two month cake web

Last week, at the doctor’s office, we learned that Sydney weighs 10 pounds and 10.5 ounces, which is about average (48 percentile) for her age.  And, Sydney measures 23.5 inches, which is a bit taller (96 percentile) than most her age.  Here are some recent photos:


Sydney loves to play with her toys


She throws a mean right jab!


She loves to stretch out her legs


Swinging like a kangaroo in her mamaroo!


She is wondering why we are making her wear a hat that clearly doesn’t fit


Mesmerized by the mobile above her crib


Hanging out, in her seat


Hanging out, on a shoulder


Looking spiffy in her yellow bib

A smile for the camera

A smile for the camera