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Sydney’s First Vegetable

IMAG1147Sydney watched and played with (sucked on) a green bean (string bean) as her mama prepared the pureed version.  It went like this:

Washed and dried

Washed and dried

Cut into small pieces

Cut into small pieces






She loves it!

She loves it!



Sydney’s Future Profession

It is fun to wonder what Sydney will do for a living … not to mention what interests she will have, whether she will enjoy sports, how her personality will be, etc.

Here are two fun shots that might or might not predict Sydney’s future career: businesswoman or musician?

Typing on Dads Computer - web

Playing the Piano - web

Sydney is Five Months Old!

At five months old, Sydney has grown and changed so much!  She is a completely different baby than she was just a couple weeks ago!  She has become quite proficient at rolling, and she seems eager to move more.  While lying on her tummy, she will now lift her butt high in the air and wiggle her legs, trying to move forward.  She also loves to put her feet in her mouth.  She is able to get all five toes of one foot in there!  And, she is beginning to experiment with speech… making all sorts of interesting sounds and squeals when she gets excited or feels like communicating.  And, the most exciting news is that she recently had her first taste of actual food (rice cereal) on a spoon, and she loves it!  Here are some photos:

Five months!

Five months!

Playing with her toys

Playing with her toys


Sydney loves her toys and stuffed animals


Stretching out


On the airplane to Seattle


Sticking her toes in her mouth


Enjoying her stroller ride


Stylish with matching hat and booties


Squeezing her chimpanzee


Eating rice cereal!


Loving her rice cereal!


Five Months: Starting Solid Foods

Sydney is five months old today. A few days ago we experimented with solid foods and this afternoon she really took a liking to them … and the spoon on which they were delivered.

Devon fed her a combination of rice cereal and milk. See the photos below. Soon we’ll start her on vegetables and then fruits.

Sydney eating food - 2web Sydney eating food - 3web Sydney eating food - 4web