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Big Week for Motor Skills

It has been an exciting few days for Sydney’s progress with motor skills. I am currently reading a book which rather eerily predicts each phase of Sydney’s growth. It turns out much of what babies do is pretty standard across all babies.

This week Sydney hit two of these milestones.

On Saturday, February 22nd, Sydney crawled for the first time. She has been getting her butt up in the air quite a bit and even doing the downward dog yoga pose, in which she raises herself to her hands and feet, but moving forward in a crawl had been escaping her until now. Here is the short video. (Sorry it is sideways.) Devon is so excited she got the date wrong.

Then, just yesterday (February 25th), Sydney pulled herself up from lying down in her crib to a standing position. I was very excited and wanted her to do it a bunch more times. Devon was a little nervous and had me lower the crib mattress so Sydney can’t crawl out. Sydney looks a little surprised at herself in this photo!

First time standing up on her own Feb 25 2014

Sydney’s First Valentine’s Day

Posted by: Allan

Every holiday seems to take on a more special meaning when it is the first one ever for your infant. Today is Valentine’s Day and we celebrated more than we ever have before!

Sydney excited about first Valentines DaySydney with new Cupid book and the flowers mom got from dad

Valentines Day cakeSydney getting a little too close and getting a finger swipe of the frosting – cake courtesy of Lola and Popa (Marilyn and Marty)

I am cute onesie on Valentines DayA little big but the outfit is cute!

Sydney is six months old!

On February 4th, we celebrated Sydney’s first half-birthday!  Now that she can eat real (pureed or very mushy) food, we presented her with a small banana pie (pureed banana) as we sang “Happy Six Months to You!”


DSC00081At six months, Sydney has grown and changed so much.  Not only is she eating real food on a spoon, she is now drinking water from a sippy cup, she is scooting herself backwards and sideways, she is getting up on her hands and knees in a table top position showing signs that she will be crawling in the near future, and she is teething!

At our six month doctor appointment, on February 5th, Sydney weighed 16 pounds and 6 ounces (which puts her in the 54th percentile of weight for age) and she measured 27 3/8″ (which puts her in the 91st percentile of height for age). Here are some recent photos: