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Sydney is 7 months old!


We celebrated 7 months with a banana, peach, mango pie (puree)!

Our little girl is SEVEN months old!  She is now crawling, climbing on anything she deems climbable (including a bare wall… Apparently, she thinks she is spider man!)  pulling herself to stand, walking in a walker, and eating three “meals” (mostly pureed fruits, veggies, and grains plus yogurt, beans, and tofu) a day.  She is a very happy little girl and she is currently enjoying the end of her week-long stay with her maternal grandparents in New York (aka Disneyland)!  Here are the most recent photos:


She arrived in New York to find her very own pit of balls to play in!


She absolutely loves her step n play in New York!


Playing with her pink doggie

IMAG1377 IMAG1384 IMAG1397 IMAG1416


Walking in her walker! Woohoo!


Pushing off her doggie to try to stand up!

DSC00098 DSC00127 IMAG1358 IMAG1371

Who Needs to Crawl?

For some reason, Sydney seems to be uninterested in crawling. She’ll crawl a few feet if she needs to get to a toy but, for the most part, she seems much more interested in trying to stand and walk. Here is a series of photos of these efforts, which are quite fun to watch!

Standing 1

A typical non-crawl in which Sydney sticks one leg out to the side.

Standing 2

Sydney loves standing up if you just give her a hand!

Standing 3a

Any object is a good ladder to climb up, including her dad’s legs. First of four photos.

Standing 3b

Standing 3c

Standing 3d

Standing 4a

Chairs are not for sitting.

Standing 4b

They are for using to stand! With our nanny Mimi.