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Sydney is Eight Months Old!

Collaborative effort by Allan and Devon

Sydney is eight months old and her growth and development continue to amaze us. She now has two teeth and she has become very vocal with her babbling.  She continues to pull herself up to standing constantly and she has even let go for a few seconds a couple of times.  Her current extracurricular activities include soccer (she can kick!) and two new classes with her mom- music and sign language.  Sydney loves listening to music and interacting with the other babies in her classes.  It’s not clear if she will actually learn sign language, because instead of paying attention to the signs, Sydney spent the entire first class crawling around the room, checking out the other babies and babbling away! Here are some recent photos:

IMAG0021On April 4th, we celebrated 8 months with a pear, apple, butternut squash puree, which Sydney enjoyed thoroughly.  Sydney is a fairly good eater. If you click the image to zoom in, you can see her two bottom front teeth. Sometimes when they hurt she would rather chew on her spoon than use it to eat.

IMAG0031Unless it’s bedtime, Sydney does not sleep (nap) in her crib. She treats it as a jungle gym for climbing.

IMAG1441Sydney recently sat in a swing for the first time!  At the playground, she was more interested in watching the older children play than she was in her swing.

IMG_2024Winding up to kick the soccer ball!

IMG_2025And away it goes! Seriously, Sydney does like to kick the ball and Devon was recently quoted “Wouldn’t it be funny if I was the one to teach Sydney to play soccer?”

IMG_2029Coming to Dad …

IMG_2030 … to stand up. Sydney’s favorite activity for the last few weeks has been standing up. A few times she has let go entirely as if to test her balance. She stands against everything, even people and ….

IMG_2027… she will even try to stand using two little animal socks.

IMG_2051Even while chewing a toy, she doesn’t want to sit. She kneels on one knee and often pushes upward as if she is going to stand up in the middle of the room.

IMG_2037Sydney loves cruising, pretty quickly, from one end of the condo to the other, in her walker.

IMG_2050Most of the time Sydney prefers to try to stand, but here she is crawling around the condo.


Sydney still LOVES bath time!  She has such a great time with her bath toys that she has actually started to cry when it’s time to get out!


Sydney did not put up a fight when her mom asked her to test out a pair of knee pads for crawling.


Sydney works hard to move around and climb up on things.  She gets very excited when she reaches her destination. (To see a good close-up of Sydney’s teeth, click on the first photo in this series.)


Sydney was not particularly happy when her mom asked her to test out a pair of shoes.  Luckily, she is easily distracted by her delicious hair brush!