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First poop in a real toilet!

Recently Sydney has been squatting in her diaper when she has to pee or poop, so a few days ago she began sitting on a potty, just to get used to it.  Today (Saturday, September 27th) Sydney sat on a (little Elmo padded seat on a) REAL TOILET and pooped right into the bowl!  She had a great time watching herself in the mirror and banging a plunger filled with dice.  Sydney’s mama and maternal grandma were cheering her on and snapping photos!  Here she is:

Image 1

Sydney is 13 months old!

Sydney turned 13 months on September 4th.

Image 2

She still loves playing in the hallway of our building.


She’s pretty good at kicking a soccer ball.

Image 3

She still enjoys playing at the playgrounds, on swings and slides.

Image 4

And, jamming on her piano, in her pajamas.

Image 8

Her new favorite activity is washing her hands in the sink.  SO FUN!

Image 1

And, here she is helping mama clean the floor.  Best helper EVER!

The First Year

This post (like all of them) is for Sydney to read when she is older (maybe she’ll appreciate it if/when she has a child of her own) so she has an idea of what she was like and what she was capable of at different stages of childhood.

The first year flew by!  Sydney transitioned from a teeny, tiny baby (with dark hair) who couldn’t move or talk


to…  a (light-haired) walking, talking, climbing, clapping, dancing, booty-shaking, high-fiving, kiss-blowing, face-making (“What’chu talkin’ ’bout, Willis?”), instrument-playing, book-reading, head-shaking, shoe-wearing toddler incredibly quickly!


She loves to walk/run (and kick balls) up and down the hallway in our building

Image 1

She loves to play her little piano

She understands most of what she hears and she is very good at repeating sounds and actions.  If you cough, she will cough.  (She thinks coughing is very funny.) If you yawn, she will yawn. (And then she will smile and giggle!)


Sydney often makes faces like this and then tilts her head and smiles

Her ever-expanding vocabulary now includes: mama, dada, ball, book, dog, duck, more (“mo”), milk (“mi”), hi, bye (“ba”), up, down, open, papa, out, and no.  She also likes to make animal noises when she sees or hears the name of an animal she knows.

She still loves to play hide-and-seek.  She also loves to find hidden objects behind pillows on the couch.

She can identify her head, ears, tongue, teeth, eyes, nose, hands, fingers, feet, and toes.

Although she tends to be cautious at times, she is still a bit of a dare-devil and risk taker.

Image 9

At first, she was apprehensive about riding the horse. Now, she loves it.

At times she is extremely friendly.  She especially likes to make friends in airports.  In the Bozeman airport, she tried to climb into a baby’s stroller to hug her.

At her 12 month doctor appointment, Sydney measured 31.25 inches (still very tall for age) and weighed over 22 pounds (we didn’t get an accurate weight because Sydney refused to sit still on the scale.)