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Sydney is 14 months old!

At 14 months, Sydney is a very happy, funny, friendly, talkative little girl.  She makes many people smile and laugh every day.  Strangers often comment “She is not shy!” She excels at projecting her voice, especially on the Pearl Street mall, when there are lots of people to talk (yell) to!  Yesterday, she had a great time yelling “STOP” with her hand up and then “GO” at anyone who would listen.  She now repeats most words she hears.  And, instead of always answering “no” when asked a question, she is also nodding her head yes to answer affirmatively.   Here are some recent photos:


Image 14

Sydney YELLS “Outside, Outside…” informing everyone in our building that she is ready to go outside

Image 15

You lookin’ at me?

Sydney loves mama's keys

I got your keys


Image 12

Locking and unlocking the car is fun


Image 10

Watch me drive this BIG firetruck!

Image 17


Image 8

A big hug for the bear outside of MontBell on Pearl Street

Image 9

Sydney is an awesome hugger

Image 8

A big hug for 5-year-old Cole Cohen

A big hug for 5-year-old Cole Cohen

Sydney asked for “More, More, More” Hugs


Image 4

Learning to play pool with Riley and Cole

Image 6

Ready for a ride

Image 3

Pushing the stroller

Image 2

Playing with her cousins in NY

What's in the box?

What’s in the box?

Swimming with her papa at the St. Julien

Swimming with Papa at the St. Julien