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Mother’s Day 2015

Posted by: Devon

Sydney and I spent Mother’s Day in New York with family and friends.  Fun was had by all!


So happy!


Can you see the EXCITEMENT on Sydney’s face? Jump!


Yay Sydney! (Working on her jumping!)

Cousin love

Cousin love

With Mommy, Lola, and Popa

“Happy Mother’s Day, Lola!”


It was so cute to hear Sydney say “Happy Mother’s Day, Mommy!”


The whole gang




20 months- photos and update

Photos from the past month:


Image 6

Sydney loves to climb at the park (3/29)

Ring Around the Rosie ...

“Ring Around the Rosie …” with Evie (3/29)

Image 2

We all fall down! (3/29 with Evie)

Image 3

Sydney and Evie both like to run! (3/29)

Image 5

Sydney had a great time “cooking” at Whole Foods in Superior (3/29)

Image 5

Arts and Crafts with JJ after our Passover seder (4/3 in NY)

Image 3

Jumping on the trampoline with JJ (4/4 in NY)

Image 2

Sydney loves “riding” her bike (4/4 in NY)

Image 1

Sydney and Remi had a great time “selling” eggs after our Easter Egg Hunt (4/5 in NY)


Riding the motorcycle with Remi (4/5 in NY)

Image 8

At the park with Ella (4/13)


FUN with Uncle Jim and Aunt Sandy on Aunt Sandy’s birthday!  (4/19)

Image 10

Posing outside the Med (4/21)

Image 2

At the zoo with Wyatt and Henry (4/25)

Image 4

Cousin love (4/25)

Image 5

Sydney was so happy to spend time with Wyatt and Henry! (4/25)

Image 18

Riding the carousel (4/25)

Image 3

Sydney is nervous about riding carousels, but it helped to have Henry and Wyatt in front of her! (4/25)

Image 1

Sydney wanted to practice jumping in the hallway (5/1)

Image 20

JUMP! (5/1)

At 20 months, Sydney is very chatty (when she is in a comfortable environment, with people she knows well).  Her English diction is improving quickly.  A couple of months ago, Sydney would mix up pronouns (“pick you up” instead of “pick me up”).  She now uses “I” “me” “mine” “you” “yours” and “theirs” properly.  “He,” “she,” “his,” and “hers” are still a bit tricky, but Sydney loves to differentiate between boys, girls, men, and women.  If I refer to a 20-year-old as boy, Sydney will say, “No, mommy, he is a man!”

It’s fascinating to watch as Sydney learns the English language.  She repeats a lot of what she hears.  She might repeat a phrase four or five times until she commits it to memory.  Then she somehow manages to use the phrase at a later time in the proper context.

Sydney’s memory is incredible.  She remembers most of the words to most of the songs she hears. Throughout the day, she will randomly sing or speak an entire song (or the Hebrew blessing for bread, which she committed to memory after only a few Friday classes at the JCC).  She also remembers the names of every child in three of our weekly classes.  If someone misses a class, she lets me know.  “Mommy, no Leo today!”

Sydney LOVES drawing with crayons.  She now has her own small craft table, where she sits and colors!  At this point, her artistic style appears to be abstract.  She likes to draw circles (or Os) and she has mastered the letter L.