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Sydney Singing Piebald Paint

This post is mostly for my (Allan’s) mom, who will know the song. Click the link below to hear Sydney singing the first verse of Piebald Paint (a type of horse). The lyrics:

Piebald Paint was a devilish saint
With his eyes all fiery red
Many good men tried him to ride
but all of them are dead
I won’t brag but I rode that nag
‘Til his blood began to boil
Then I hit the ground and ate three pounds
of good-old Texas soil
Singing hi-yo, whoop-di-i-oh
Ride ’em high, down you go
Sons of the Western soil

Piebald Paint


Goodbye to Coach Amy

Posted by: Devon

Sydney’s favorite and most talked about “teacher” from all of her classes is Amy from Great Play.  Sydney enjoyed weekly classes with Amy from the time she was 11 months old until last week (23 months).  Amy played a great role in Sydney’s life so far and it was sad to say goodbye.  Amy moved to Seattle for a new job and she will be missed!

Amy was super excited to get a hug from Sydney (7/20/15)

Amy was super excited to get a hug from Sydney (7/20/15)

Sydney, Amy, and Ella

Sydney, Amy, and Ella


A visit from Ron and Lola

Posted by: Devon

Ron, Sydney’s 16-year-old cousin from Israel, just made her first solo trip to the United States.  She spent about two weeks in New York with Sydney’s Lola and Popa, who entertained her with many activities and events, including a short trip to Boulder to spend time with Sydney.  Sydney loved having Ron and Lola in town for two days last week.

Image 10

Ron and Sydney had a great time taking selfies at the library, during story time (7/16/15)

Image 12

Ron and Sydney love selfies!

Ron wanted to see snow in the mountains, so we drove up to the top of Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park.  It was 90 degrees in Boulder, but up at 12,000 feet, we had to bundle up to stay warm.

Image 2 - Version 2

Sydney and Ron (7/17/15)

Sydney rode in her dad's backpack to the top of the trail

Sydney rode in her dad’s backpack to the top of the trail

Image 14

Sydney, Mom, and Ron at the top of the trail

Image 5

We saw tons of Elk in the Park and Sydney screamed “ELK, ELK, ELK!” every time she noticed them

The only other time we drove up Trail Ridge road and hiked up to the highest point was in July of 2013, a few days before Sydney was due.

July 2013, with Lola (and Sydney kicking and punching in my belly)

Two years ago, Sydney (who was kicking and punching in my belly) was on the same trail with me (and my very swollen ankles) and her Lola (July 2013)

Two years ago, I had no idea how AMAZING that little fetus would turn out to be.  Becoming Sydney’s mother is truly the BEST thing I’ve ever done!



Image 20

And Now






Ella’s Birthday Party

Posted by: Devon

Sydney’s friend Ella, who is about a month older than Sydney, had her 2nd birthday party on July 18th.  Sydney sang “Happy Birthday to Ella” for days leading up to the party.  Sydney had a great time!


Martha and Sydney playing in the kiddie pool



Image 29 - Version 2

Ring Around the Rosie with Martha and her mom Jacqui

Image 10

Happy birthday, Ella!


New Favorite Color

Posted by: Devon
20150722_104234Today, on the Pearl Street Mall, Sydney and I encountered the balloon man.  The conversation went like this:

Balloon Man: Would she like a balloon today?

Mom: I think so.

Sydney: Yes, I would like to have a doggy.

Balloon man: A dog?  What color dog?

Sydney: A purple dog.

Mom: Purple?  Really?  Are you sure you don’t want pink?

Sydney: No, I want purple.

Mom: Okay.  Is purple your new favorite color?

Sydney: Yes, purple is my new favorite color.

Mom: So you like purple better than you like pink?

Sydney: Yes, purple is my favorite.  Then pink and then yellow.

Mom: Great!  Thanks for letting me know!


Happy 4th of July!

Posted by: Devon

Sydney is 23 months old today!  Time is flying by!  Sydney and I spent almost three weeks of the past month in New York; Allan was running a trip in France and also spent about a week in New York with us.  Despite refusing to nap most days in New York, Sydney was energetic and ready to play, swim, and eat.

June 17

Playing outside (6/17/15)

"Hello?  Who is this?  I'm busy now." June 19

“Hello? Who is this?” 6/19/15

June 19

“Should I talk on the phone or try to pedal?” (6/19/15)

Dancing in the driveway (6/19/15)

Dancing in the driveway (6/19/15)

Grocery shopping in a tutu and tiara (6/19/15)

Grocery shopping in a tutu and tiara (6/19/15)

Image 2

Sydney LOVES corn on the cob! (6/26/15)

Image 8

Hopscotch (6/21/15)

Image 34

Mommy needed a checkup (7/1/15)

Image 36

Pizza! (6/27/15)

Image 10

Getting ready to swim with her Papa 6/19/15)

Image 5

Sydney took a couple of selfies while jumping on the trampoline (6/26/15)

Image 6

Selfie #2 on the trampoline (6/26/15)

After seeing her Lola’s bright pink toenails, Sydney asked to have her toenails painted pink as well.  At Lola’s friend’s nail salon, Sydney sat on the lap of her friend Hannah (the owner’s 9-year-old daughter) and talked to Hannah while her toes were painted.  Then, Sydney asked to have her nails painted too!

IMG_0012IMG_0025_2IMG_0011 IMG_0001







The following day, Sydney got her first REAL bicycle.  As expected, she picked a pink one and we pimped it out with pink handle bar grips, streamers, and a bell.  She was SO EXCITED that (instead of her typically shy behavior when meeting a new adult) she yelled “I NEED A HELMET!  I NEED A HELMET!” to the man who was helping us.

Image 1

Waiting patiently for the grips, bell, and streamers to be added to her new bike. (6/22/15)

Image 5

Trying to ride her new bike out of the store (6/22/15)

Image 28

Sydney loves the bike, even though she has yet to master pedaling and steering.

Sydney is happy to participate in many different activities and play with many different toys, but PEOPLE (especially other children) excite her most.  She ADORES her cousins Luc and JJ and she spent several days following them around and repeating whatever they did.  She played golf, soccer, baseball, hockey, and football with them.  (She is very good at yelling “hut, hut hike!”)  And, like her cousins, she was excited to get her very own FIFA Women’s World Cup sticker album and numerous packs of stickers! (Thank you, Lola!)

Image 25

Golf with Luc (6/28/15)

Image 22

Sydney loves to hold hands (with Luc) (6/28/15)

Image 26

Baseball (6/28/15)

Image 11

“Hut, Hut, Hike!” Football with Luc (6/26/15)

Image 4

Learning dance moves from JJ (6/27/15)


Luc, Sydney, and JJ (6/26/15)

After going to play at their house a few days prior, we ran into my friend Josh and his baby Ayla at the airport 97/2/15)

After going to play at their house a few days prior, we ran into my friend Josh and his baby Ayla at the airport (7/2/15)

Back in Boulder for the 4th of July, we went on our first family bike ride, with Sydney’s seat attached to Allan’s bike.  Sydney was excited to wear her new orange helmet and white sunglasses, so we took a few photos before heading out.  Sydney enjoyed the ride to a playground, where she played with two boys and their trucks.

Image 19 Image 17 Image 16Image 13 Image 14