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Turks and Caicos- more photos (with the Sesame Street crew)

We took tons of photos in Turks and Caicos!  Sydney loved everything about our trip, but she was most excited about seeing the Sesame Street characters. Sydney’s favorite events (outside of Camp Sesame) were: Breakfasts with the characters, an evening parade (Sydney’s first time watching a parade!) featuring the characters, and an evening show, also featuring the characters.


Sydney loves her strawberry dress!


She was having fun on the Pirate’s bridge, when all of a sudden…

Sydney spotted the Sesame Street characters as they were preparing for the parade!  She ran to each of them with open arms, for a big giant hug!


Abby Cadabby is Sydney’s favorite!


Zoe is second favorite!


Preparing for a big, giant hug from Big Bird!


Sydney was SO EXCITED for the parade! She stood in the middle of the street for a bit, with a few other children, waiting eagerly!

A couple of days later, we met up with Sydney’s “friends” again at Breakfast:


Big Bird greeted us outside the restaurant


Good morning, Oscar! (Not one of Sydney’s favorites.)

Super Grover!

Super Grover!

Grover and the Count said Hello to Lola as well.  Sydney does not like the Count, so he opted to befriend Lola, Popa, and Dad instead of Sydney.

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Sydney was thrilled to see Abby again! Abby asked for paper and a pen to write “Abby loves you, Sydney!’ (The characters do not talk unless they are performing in shows where they are lip-synching.)


Abby was very kind to Sydney


A kiss

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The whole gang


Breakfast with the characters quickly turns into a loud, dark dance party! It was fun to watch all the characters dance to “Gangnam Style!”

On our last evening in Turks and Caicos, we went to a Beach Party dinner and show, courtesy of Sydney’s “friends.”  Sydney was too excited to eat.  She sat in the front row, with all the other Sesame Street Character Superfans!


Sydney enjoyed her front row seat! (She is third from left.)


Watching Dad do the Limbo at the Beach Party on our final evening


I’m sure Sydney would have stayed there forever


Saying goodbye to Kennisha and Cookie Monster on our final morning

First International Trip: Turks and Caicos!

Sydney was very excited for her first International trip!  We flew to New York first, and we spent one day there before we traveled to Turks and Caicos with Lola and Popa, in early March.


Sydney loved wheeling her little pink suitcase through the Denver airport! (3/4/16)


Sydney packed a few snacks and a “friend,” but she did not open her suitcase once!


In New York, Sydney helped Papa make pancakes for breakfast! (3/5/16)


Sydney had an AMAZING week in Turks and Caicos.  The resort we stayed at is truly a toddler’s paradise.  On our very first morning, we went to breakfast with the characters from Sesame Street.  Here are some of Sydney’s favorite photos from that first breakfast (on Monday morning):

20160307_082551 20160307_082821 20160307_083822 20160307_083840-1 20160307_084523Sydney spent her mornings (and a few afternoon hours) at “Camp Sesame” with 3 to 4-year-olds.  Sydney had never been dropped off anywhere, ever, in her life, so I was definitely a bit apprehensive, but Sydney was eager and very enthusiastic about going to “camp.”  She walked right in, joined the group, and didn’t even say goodbye or look back!


Of course, I lingered, and snapped a few photos of Sydney’s first time at “camp” on Monday morning (3/7/16)

Sydney had an incredible time at “Camp Sesame!”  She continues to talk about her experiences there and she loves looking at these photos!  (Some of the photos I took when I went to pick her up and some of the photos were taken by the staff at camp.)

Sydney and her friends went “bird watching” (with binoculars) to find BIg Bird:

They found him!

And, they brought him back to play!

They had a tea party with Abby Cadabby:

Dressed up for the Tea Party!

Dressed up for the Tea Party!

They rode in a train:

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They had a birthday party for Elmo:

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They baked cookies with Cookie Monster (on Wednesday and Saturday!):


First time meeting Cookie Monster!


Very excited!


The second time Cookie Monster came to camp, Sydney was worried he was going to try to eat her cookie!

"Don't take my cookie!"

“Don’t take my cookie!”

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Sydney’s other camp activities included: swimming/playing in a toddler pool, collecting sea shells on the beach, going for a nature walk, arts and crafts, a treasure hunt, a dance party, and a rubber duckie hunt with Ernie.  When she wasn’t at Camp Sesame, Sydney was typically swimming, playing, eating, or relaxing with us.

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