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On Halloween, Sydney had a family-friendly half-day of school with Mom and Dad.  The morning began with an all-school assembly, where the entire preschool (two classes of 3-year-olds and three classes of 4-year-olds) sang two Halloween songs.  Then, Sydney had outdoor play, snack time, a Halloween story, and finally, the Halloween Carnival, organized by the middle school.

Sydney’s class walking into the assembly:


Sydney was a pink Fairy Princess. There were two Darth Vaders and two Tinkerbells in Sydney’s class.


Redding, Bo, Sydney, Link, Emma, and Etta

20161031_082122 20161031_082127Five Little Pumpkins:

Outdoor Play: 20161031_0921180 20161031_092716

Snack time:20161031_100838

The snack that day was Cheerios and Craisins.20161031_101049 20161031_101104

Lining up at the door for the next activity: Sydney likes to be the “line leader” (first on line).  20161031_102125

Mrs. Courter told a Halloween a story to both preschool classes: 20161031_102544

Walking over to the Hallowen Carnival:20161031_104017

A few hours later, Trick or Treating on Pearl Street (The Munchkin Masquerade):


Checking out her candy on the RTD bus (parked on Pearl Street Mall for the children to explore):20161031_152122