Monthly Archives: January 2017


A few weeks ago we had a nice snow of about a foot. Preschool was canceled and Sydney and I walked to the park for some fun.

Snowday - snow up to the knees

A few days later when the snow was half melted, we met up with Sydney’s friend Evie and her family (Sarah, Michael, and little brother Marshall) for some sledding and snowman building. It is nice to live in a climate that has winter snows!

Snowday - walking to the park with Evie

Snowday - snowman

When I Grow Up

One of the interesting conversations with a three year old starts with “Mom and Dad, when I grow up I want to be …”

So far, I have recorded these careers for Sydney:

  • Soccer teacher
  • Construction worker
  • Mom
  • Firefighter
  • Teacher
  • Nanny or baby sitter
  • Doctor
  • Vet
  • President

Quite a range!