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Preschool Olympics

One of the great things about Boulder Country Day School is that as a preschool through middle school, it has more resources than many other options. One of the results of this is the Preschool Olympics, in which Sydney participated two weeks ago.

Prechool Olympics

The students spent many hours in Movement Class (used to be call gym or PE) in the preceding weeks practicing their events. On the morning of the Olympics, the preschool parents arrived early to designated seating near where their child’s classroom would be participating. The rest of the school’s students filed in to cheer the younger kids. And four-time Olympian Colleen de Reuck, a local Boulder resident, led the students in the opening procession.

Following are a series of videos of Sydney’s participation, including the opening ceremonies, the relay races (run three times with increasing complication), and the “marathon”, which was three laps around the gym.¬†Sydney loved the entire experience and was beaming the entire time.


  • This is a lot of video. If you want the best, just watch the final three.
  • Sydney’s team had five members while some of the other three-year-old teams had fewer, such that Sydney as the anchor leg was almost always last on the floor and received extra cheers from the crowd of hundreds.
  • Devon and I were excitedly watching, so taking video was a second priority – the videos are a bit shaky and the action is out of frame at times. I’ll get better.