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Evening Routines

The main reason to have this blog is to allow Sydney to see what her life was like as a child. Yes, it is fun to post about learning to swim or learning to ride a bicycle but the regular routines might be of equal interest to Sydney when she is older.

I think my favorite hours with Sydney are the late afternoon and evening ones. Our typical late afternoon routine is to come home, play a game, and then eat dinner together either inside or on the porch. We then often ride (Sydney) and walk (me) to the local park, which is one block away and usually empty of kids until 6:00 PM or so.

After returning home, we brush our teeth and either Sydney takes a bath or we take a shower. The last month, Sydney has preferred to take a shower. Since I need to get in to help Sydney wash her hair and clean herself, I am now staying sticky post-workout and waiting to shower until the evening.

We then get Sydney into her PJs, brush her hair, video call Devon, and sit down on the couch in our bedroom to read two books. In my goal to get Sydney to go to sleep on her own without me around, I am now sitting on the floor and setting the timer for four minutes so she gets comfortable with me not being in her bed. This seems to be working great and I plan to extend the time or move me farther away. After four minutes, I lie in bed with Sydney, sing her a couple songs, and she falls asleep – invariably around 7:30 PM.

All seemingly normal routines but oh so rewarding as a dad!

Brushing Teeth

Out of the Shower

About to Read Two Books Before BedReading Books

Learning to Bicycle!

For some reason I found the task of teaching Sydney to ride a bicycle as especially important. Obviously Devon could have taught her or she could have learned at some school clinic but, as Sydney’s dad, I had this intrinsic feeling it was my job to teach her.

The hip, modern method of learning to ride a bicycle is to use a “strider” bike with no pedals to teach kids to balance as they push themselves forward. I used a modified technique which was to purchase a real bicycle (for her second birthday, I believe) with training wheels so she could learn to pedal (which she did at the age of two and a half). Then, just in the past week, I removed the training wheels and lowered the seat so Sydney could practice gliding. This worked great.

After probably half a dozen times without pedals, I raised the seat back up a bit, put the pedals back, and in one 20-minute outing Sydney was bicycling on her own! I was so proud and – listen to the end of the video – so was Sydney.