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Father’s Day at Green Vale School

On October 19th I had the pleasure of participating in my first Father’s Day at Sydney’s school.

The real Father’s Day takes place in June but Sydney’s school celebrates it on a Friday in October. Sydney only has school 1/2 day on Fridays and on this day, fathers (or grandfathers and a few mothers) attended school with their kids.

Class at Father's Day

Part of the experience was watching the kids in a typical school day, with Sydney and her class doing some math and learning letters. (I can already tell Sydney will be good in math, because while her class is doing basic addition she is doing subtraction, multiplication, and negatives with me at home.)

I was very impressed with the class, all of whom were polite, interested, and involved. Sydney raised her hand eagerly to participate but was relaxed and attentive when others were talking.

We also got to participate in the fun stuff: snack, PE, and recess (which they call outdoor play.) I did have to sit through a 30-minute funding pitch from the “head of school” (apparently they need $7500 per student over and above the $28,000 they charge for kindergarten) but that was a small price to pay to see Sydney in action.

Sydney seems to love her school, her teacher Ms. Hoffman, and her fellow classmates, which is wonderful. I wish they had Father’s Day once a month!

Class at Father's Day with Sydney jumping

Movies in the Wright Home

Sydney and I love watching movies together.

I do not have a television. That makes limiting video time much, much easier. Even while we are staying in a hotel waiting for our new house purchase to close, the TV never goes on. So when Sydney is with me and does get to watch a video, we make it a special occasion. About twice a month, we watch a movie together.

We started by attempting to watch modern animated Disney movies made for kids. We tried Beauty and the Beast and Trolls, both of which were way too violent and scary for Sydney. I looked up these movies on the website Common Sense Media and found these two movies and many others made for kids score three out of five on the “Violence and Scariness” scale. I wonder what Disney is thinking.

So I started to research potential movies and found the ones with no scary aspects, violence, or foul language were often … old musicals! I love old musicals, having seen many when I was a kid, thanks to my mom. Here are musicals Sydney and I have now watched together:

  • Mary Poppins
  • Music Man
  • Sound of Music
  • Singing in the Rain
  • Royal Wedding
  • Hello Dolly

Mary Poppins

These are all great movies and it is so rewarding to see Sydney 100% engaged in them and singing the songs. We have recently moved on to modern squeaky clean fare such as High School Musical, which is a Disney movie but really good entertainment without swearing or violence.

I also try to make the movies educational. Either of us at any time can hit pause to ask a question or make a comment about the movie, so we discuss them throughout.

Next on my list are some good old-fashioned movies from my childhood such as The Incredible Journey and Herbie the Love Bug!