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The Crayon Box That Talked

The three kindergarten classes at Sydney’s school did a play for first the entire school and then, the next day, for the parents. It was very impressive.

The play, based on a children’s book called The Crayon Box That Talked, was written entirely by the teachers and included songs and simple dances. Each child was part of a crayon color group (Sydney was purple) that had its own central song and dance part.

The video is 19 minutes long. Sydney’s part starts around 8:15.

Sydney loved practicing for the play. She was also nervous when it came time to perform and, in fact, had a little stage fright moment. When it was Sydney’s turn to say her line, she was so quiet not only could the audience not hear but the girl next to her apparently did not hear her either, so didn’t know it was her turn to speak. Not a problem! Sydney loved the experience and was enthusiastic during the rest of the play.