Monthly Archives: September 2019

Sea Cliff Camping Trip

One of the amazing events Sea Cliff organizes each year is a village camping trip. Apparently it has been going on at least 25 years! Sydney and I participated this year.

There were at least 150 people in attendance. The group booked many of the campsites at Hither Hills State Park out at the end of Long Island. Much of the time was spent at the beach on the Atlantic Ocean. We had a group potluck dinner on Saturday night.

Sydney and I know only a small number of people in Sea Cliff at this point but it was enough to give both of us friends to play or hang out with. Plus, it was another good opportunity to camp (our third this year).

Girl Scouts and Soccer

I have been working for a year to get Sydney into Girl Scouts and on a real soccer team and finally achieved both.

Devon and I had no agreement as to where Sydney should be enrolled in Girl Scouts so I confirmed she could register for two groups and started one for Sea Cliff first grade girls. In May we held an introductory meeting, in August we had a welcome party, and this past Monday we had our first meeting.

I am the official scout leader, which on the face might seem humorous but there are plenty of good reasons for this, including:

  • No one had yet created a troop for this age group in Sea Cliff and it might not have happened without me.
  • I have lots of outdoor and activity experience plus a good organizer.
  • I am a firm believer in equal rights for girls and women and equally convinced that equality goes both ways.

I recruited two co-leaders, one mom and one dad. We have 16 kids already and all showed up for our first meeting. Co-leader Jenny ran the first one and we had a craft, snack, and introductions game. I have had at least four parents tell me their kid came home raving about Girl Scouts. The only negative was Sydney lost one button and two patches due to my poor skills in hooking and ironing them on!

Sydney also played her first real soccer game today. She is on the Gold Coast Dental Care team; you would think they would come up with a nickname of some sort. Her division is first and second graders, she has a team of nine girls, and for the first game the other team only showed up with four so our team gave the other team two players.

My only advice to Sydney before the game was to be aggressive. It worked pretty well for the first 15 minutes and Sydney got involved quite a bit before seeming to peter out for the rest of the time. At one point, she got kicked in the leg and had to come out to get a hug from her mom, whom I had invited to watch. One girl scored six goals but everyone else was pretty equal.

The highlight was when Sydney made her way in front of the goal, the ball popped over to her, she shot, and the ball went between the keeper’s legs for a goal!

Walking to First Girl Scouts Meeting

Victory pose before the first soccer game

First Day of School (at least with Dad)