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Sydney is Emotionally Very Sensitive

This past Sunday it rained all day, enough to cancel Sydney’s soccer game. I prepared in advance by checking out a movie at the local library. Sydney chose Elf.

I use the website Common Sense Media to judge the appropriateness of movies for Sydney, which rates Elf as for kids aged 7+. But more applicable for Sydney, I have found, is the “violence and scariness rating”, where Elf got a one out of five. Anything above a one, Sydney will not like as it will be too scary. We still haven’t watched Frozen, which practically every other girl her age watched years ago. (Frozen is rated 5+ but gets two out of five for violence and scariness. Classic Disney.)

Elf is a comedy. It is very funny. Sydney and I both loved it. Interestingly, though, Sydney cried watching Elf because of the sad scenes, especially when the father tells Buddy the Elf he doesn’t love him and Buddy runs away.

Sydney watching the emotional scenes of the movie Elf

I write this because I find it fascinating that Sydney seems much more emotionally sensitive than am I and much better at expressing her emotions. I never see her acting inappropriately or unable to handle her emotions, so it is not a problem at all. In fact, being in touch with and being able to express her emotions should serve her well.


I Hate Beading (But Sydney Loves It)

Using beads to make necklaces, bracelets, and other jewelry is definitely in vogue. Sydney loves doing it. I avoid it whenever I can.

It is a great activity for kids. It develops thinking in patterns and finger dexterity. It is inexpensive and easy to set up. I am happy to have Sydney make things with beads.

I simply have no interest in this, not only the beads and end product but also the process of sitting down and threading string through small holes over and over. But in truth, I really have no interest in crafts at all. I do have the basics at home for Sydney to use but we are much more likely to go to the park, kick a soccer ball, or play a dice game than we are to do crafts together.

I will happily concede this aspect of parenting to school teachers, my Girl Scout co-leaders, and Devon.

Who Likes Whom in First Grade

Like most parents, I ask Sydney what happened at school when she comes home. Sydney often has no real answers, either because a) nothing exciting (in her opinion) happened, b) she forgot, or c) she would rather do something other than talk about school.

However, one thing that gets Sydney talking is asking about how other kids interact with each other or with Sydney. I hit a jackpot yesterday by asking “Who Likes Whom in First Grade”? Even better, I drew a diagram of the interrelationships, which Sydney loved.

To recap:

  • Reese and Connor both like Angie but she likes Rafe
  • Cece and Eliza both like Rafe too (who is definitely a cute, personable little boy)
  • Last year apparently Rafe liked Angie but now he likes Eliza
  • Carter and Huck like each other, which Sydney knows because “they are always playing together at recess”

In seriousness, one of my goals is to get Sydney to talk about real life issues so this type of conversation is not just fun but good preparation for later!

Kayaking at Belmont Lake State Park

On a beautiful fall Columbus Day, Sydney and I joined her friend Genevieve and mom Liz for a trip to Belmont Lake State Park. In addition to the playground and a picnic lunch, the featured activity was kayaking on the lake. Sydney does quite well in a kayak and they work perfectly as she can rest whenever she wants. Photos of the trip:

Sydney taking a break

Genevieve and Liz

Stopping on shore to climb an enticing tree