Monthly Archives: November 2019

Soccer and Swimming

Sydney completed her first real soccer season this fall, complete with refs and uniforms.

After scoring a goal in her first game, Sydney did not score again the rest of the season. That is not a big deal at any age but, in truth, Sydney did not seem to really get into the game much. She tells me she loves the sport and seems happy prancing around on the field on the periphery of the play but, for the most part, doesn’t dive into the action.

After one game, I pointed out she had not actually kicked the ball once. “Dad, not everyone has to kick the ball”, she replied. I dissuaded her of that idea and worked to get her more involved. By the end of the season, it sort of worked. We’ll see what happens next year when she is a 2nd grader playing with 1st graders.

Swimming is the exact opposite. She is enthusiastic and tries hard. I signed her up for another lesson at the YMCA after having taught her myself all summer. I chose the Level 4 class and it turns out there is only one other student in her group. The other girl is probably three years older than Sydney but they are about the same level, so it should be an excellent class for progressing.


First Lost Tooth

Sydney lost her first tooth on the evening of November 10.

It is hard to understand how important and exciting a lost tooth is to a young child until you watch it happen. Most of the kids in Sydney’s class have lost teeth and it is quite clear when it happens, as they have a daily morning ritual (weather, date, etc) that includes checking on lost teeth.

Sydney’s tooth has been loose for over a week and she has been pining for it to fall out. Here are a few photos to show the progression:

Loose tooth

Holding her lost tooth

$10 for the first lost tooth (and $5 for additional ones), the going rate among local kids

Letter from the tooth fairy

Halloween 2019

Sydney was at my house for Halloween, making this the first Halloween the two of us had been together.

Last year in my townhouse I gave away a lot of candy and this year I had high expectations for Sea Cliff, with its strong sense of community and mostly close-together houses. That didn’t really pan out.

I was expecting trick-or-treaters as early as 4:00 PM but by 5:45 PM when the sun set and Sydney and I went out, we had given away only two pieces of candy to one family! We got back an hour later and never gave out any more. I don’t know if it was our location (just a tad out of the way), the weather (the threat of rain), or the apparent Sea Cliff custom of getting kids together for private Halloween get togethers but it never really got busy.

It didn’t matter. We had a great time for a week of festivities: carving pumpkins, attending a community “cider social”, and ultimately trick-or-treating. Here are some photos:

Cleaning out the Pumpkins

Dressed up for the Cider Social

Sydney in her school costume as a donut waitress

Sydney as Cowgirl and Allan as Zebra on Halloween night