Monthly Archives: April 2020

Harry Potter!

Sydney started in on the first Harry Potter book this week. She absolutely loves it.

I love the Harry Potter books too, read the first one back in 2000, and am thrilled she is at this level. We borrowed copies from two friends here in Sea Cliff so she could read to me out loud while I follow along and help her with difficult words and plot twists.

Sydney is so into the book that she easily gets distracted!

Springtime During a Pandemic

Spring has sprung in New York but it is hard to make much use of it while we are home isolating.

Sydney has three to four hours per day of live video instruction. She loves it, in part because she gets to see all her classmates. The school is providing a lot more homework, so I am constantly checking Google Classroom for assignments, printing as necessary, and re-uploading them once complete. It works quite well.

But the school schedule and the lack of any organized activities or play dates also leaves us with a LOT of free time. Here are some of the things we are doing.

  • Bicycling: I pulled my old bike rack out from the basement and we have now done two different trips to nearby bicycle paths, the most recent being an 11.2 mile roundtrip ride that was Sydney’s record. She loves it. I am depressed at the lack of nearby biking routes.
  • Skating: We have been inline skating in the street, using hockey sticks or cones to make it fun. Sydney is distinctly better now than she was in the fall and I look forward to the time we can skate together, although finding good locations for that will be even harder.
  • Games: Sydney loves games and I recently taught her backgammon, which she loves and doesn’t want to stop playing.
  • Cooking: Sydney still loves to cook. Two nights ago she told me she was going to make dinner all by herself and didn’t want me in the kitchen. That didn’t quite work, as I suggested scrambled eggs to go in her breakfast tacos and helped her cook those.
  • Hula Hooping: This is a great activity for the 15-minute breaks between classes. Sydney’s hoop is so light she has to move her hips extremely fast to keep it up.
  • Beach Exploration: We are taking more walks from our house down to the beach, including during a storm this past weekend.
  • Movies: We are watching more movies than normal – perhaps one a week instead of one per month. The most recent movie was Princess Bride and Sydney is now walking around saying “My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.”