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First Summer Vacation: The Adirondacks

Sydney and I had our first seven-day vacation of the summer of 2020 and spent it in the Adirondacks in northern New York.

If you type New York State into Google Maps, you will see much of the northern portion of the state is composed of forests, with much of this the state-owned Adirondack Park. It is five hours and a world away from Long Island and a much needed respite.

Reading Harry Potter Book Four on the long drive

We first spent three nights camping at two different state parks. Lincoln Pond SP was unfortunately too close to the interstate and private houses but Rollins Pond was fantastic – remote, with waterfront sites good for swimming and kayaking, nice woods, and good bicycling.

Walking out on a fallen log for launch into water at Rollins Pond State Park

During these three days we did two hikes to two mountain fire towers, one at Hurricane Ridge and the second up Blue Mountain. Both were fairly steep and the first was 6.8 miles round trip while the second was 5.6. That makes those the two longest hikes Sydney has done; she did quite well and enjoyed them.

In the Blue Mountain Firetower

We then spent three nights at 1000 Acres Ranch, located right on the Hudson River in the more southern part of upstate New York. I fibbed a bit so Sydney could do the three days of trail rides (minimum age seven in New York), which she loved. We were there mid-week, during the pandemic, and while the resort is still refurbishing with new owners, all of which meant we were practically the only ones there. Out of space for probably 200 – 300 guests there were 15 of us the first night, 13 the second, and 11 the third. Luckily, we met two other single parent, one-kid families and hung out with them socially distanced and outside. That made the trip.

Sydney’s first-ever trail rides took place at 1000 Acres Ranch

In all, it was a very good vacation. I loved seeing a new part of New York State, especially one with more trees than people and cars. Sydney is enthusiastic about pretty much everything: she complained little about the long drive, loved swimming in the lakes and pools, did extremely well on the hikes, wanted to keep bicycling on the campground roads, and was eager to ride horses. This vacation is one I likely would not have done without the pandemic. Ultimately, the two of us had a great time together and I would be happy to return to this region on a future vacation.

Playing cards, still with a life vest and bicycle helmet from previous activities

Sydney making breakfast at Rollins Pond Campground